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Philippe Dessoly, Golgoth71 Mr Nutz

Philippe Dessoly

Philippe DESSOLY, also known as "Golgoth71", is a French video game developer and illustrator of famous mangas, comics and video games IP.

In 1989, he began his professional career at Ocean Software, a British video game publishing and development company. He took part in the production of a number of cult titles including “Toki”, “Beach Volley”, “Ivanhoe”, “Snow Bros” and many others…

Then in 1992, he went freelance with the creation of his first own  video game Mr Nutz, which won the prize for best platform game and most promising game on Super Nintendo (Snes).

In 2003, his passion for drawing led him to HL Pro, a Japanese company that manufactures toys under license, to work on various projects. He became for a few years, the official Goldorak designer,  but also designed famous Albator posters.

Since then, he has continued to evolve between creating video games, figurines and various illustrations.

Although he remains attached to the world of manga, he would like to make a dream come true by finishing his Estrella Stempton comic and developing the sequel of Mr Nutz game.

During his presentation, you’ll learn how they used to worked 30 years ago, how they used to adjust  arcade machines, the transition between the Amiga, Atari and the consoles.You’ll also learn about the radical changes in the 90’s, how marketing and financiers influence the video games’ industry. Philipe will also address the question about how and why choosing not to stay on only one graphic skill.