Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Art & creativity : Dordogne and how to bring traditional art in video games

Cédric Babouche Dordogne

Cédric Babouche

Cédric Babouche graduated in art and animation. After two acclaimed animated short films, he developed and produced animated feature films and TV series in his first company Dandelooo until 2017.In 2018, he founded UN JE NE SAIS QUOI and joined Umanimation, a transmedia production company. Dordogne, his first project, which mixes watercolor with 3D in a nostalgic narrative experience, was released in June 2023 by Focus Entertainment and Umanimation.Besides his company, he works as visual development artist for the animation industry, comic book artist and teaches art in several schools around the world.

Cédric will present the very first sketches, storyboards, watercolors until the final render in Blender and Unity. Coming from the animation industry and without any experience in making video games, he’ll present the singular approach and the tools they’ve developed during the production of Dordogne.He will also present how to bring traditional art in video games, what are the advantages / limits, what kind of steps did they follow and what they brought from the animation industry ?

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