Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Discover 3 major international markets and ecosystems on the 26th October !

International markets and ecosystems

Ukraine, Brazil and Japan

Come and discover the presentations of three major markets and ecosystems from three different continents: Ukraine, Brazil and Japan. The keynotes will be given by three key stakeholders, some of whom will also be taking part in conferences on Saturday, but on different subjects.
  • What is the state of the industry ? 
  • What are the opportunities for Belgian studios to collaborate ?
  • What are the main B2B and B2C trade fairs (BIG Festival in Brazil and Bitsummit, the indie games festival in Kyoto, Japan) and tips for successfully exporting Belgian games to these markets ?

You want to learn the answer to these questions ? Take your ticket for the 26th October and come listen to Ruslana Kruchek (🇺🇦), Masahiko Murakami (🇯🇵) and Adrian Laubisch (🇧🇷)’s presenatations.

And if you loved their presentation and want to know more about their activity, you can take a ticket for 28th to attend their talk too !