Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Business & Marketing : Advergame: how video games can deliver an advertising message while offering real gameplay to the target audience

Adrian Laubisch Aiyra

Adrian Laubisch

Founding partner of Aiyra, Adrian has 17 years of market experience. Ahead of his company, has served as Producer / Executive Producer and New Business Director in more than 100 game projects that Aiyra has already developed, specializing in External Development for Companies and Intellectual Properties. Bachelor in Computer Science, Adrian has a published paper about an unique methodology for game projects management, published on SBGames.

Adrian will present  Aiyra’s most successful projects such as the official games made for the promotion shows based on famous manga IP’s like Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya and Miraculous Ladybug, accumulating millions of players around the world despite the fact that the game developed for the Brazilian market was only available in Portuguese .

Adrian’s talk will present Aiyra’s background, a recap of Aiyra’s Advergames success cases and metrics. He will also talk about what advergames are and aren’t, the advantages of using advergames for Brands, how advergames can be applied to your business as a game development studio.