Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Culture & society :  The importance of streaming in the Video Games Industry

Chloé Boels Stream'her

Chloé Boels

Chloé is a French-speaking Belgian streamer on Twitch. She is 26 years old and shares her passion for video games with her followers, every morning of the week. She is also the founder of Stream'Her, the community of female streamers. Moreover, she works in the video game industry as a jury member for calls for projects (Centre Pompidou Paris, Wallonia Brussels Federation, Belgian Games Awards, Belgian Streamers Awards). Finally, she is also a TV chronicler (LN24 and RTBF IXpé).

In her talk, she will present the history of the gaming specialised press and how the streaming of video games grew until today and the role of influencers of the most famous streamers . She will also present what streaming is about with a focus on being a women or minority of genre in this branch of the industry and talk about what her association, Stream’Her, is doing for it.

Chloé will introduce how game studios and streamers can collaborate together, how to get in touch, how to build a constructive relationship, how to manage the intellectual property, etc.

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