Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Tech & Production : The tumultuous road to Sherwood: three lives, two titles, and one heck of a gang!

Andrea Di Stefano Appeal Gangs of Sherwood

Andrea Di stefano

Andrea Di Stefano is the Game Director of Gangs of Sherwood, Appeal Studios' upcoming AA online action game that will be released November 2nd. He is a former VR Game Director at Donuts Games (Tokyo), founder of Brotaru, the monthly meetup in Brussels, co-founder of Mode4 studio and the Belgian Games Pavilion. He is also a gamedev lecturer and consultant.

His talk is a post mortem that dives into the evolution of the game Gangs of Sherwood, the resilience and drive of the team  involved in the project to make it into a game we will love to play.

Andea will share insights of the production of a AA online game, released on 3 major platforms on day 1. You will discover the several design and production iterations that led to the project’s current form in a candid and funny retelling of 3.5 years of roller coaster development.