Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Art & Creativity : Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN) as an alternative tool for independent studios

Will Emmerich

Will Emmerich

Graduated from a Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineer and Civil Engineer, from a graduate degree in Digital Games Development and from an Harvard Manage Mentor Program (Certified Mentee), Will is someone who is always seeing opportunities in problems, to challenge himself and exercise his ability and competence in solving them.

He is also an entrepreneur who has always been dedicated to making ideas come true. In 2019, Will created Shed of Ideas and turned his attention to game development with original projects, combining development with mentoring projects in gamedev focused on Unreal Engine. More recently in 2023, he delved into the Fortnite universe with UEFN as a gateway into his training, prototyping and commercial strategies.

Epic Games launched UEFN at this year’s GDC, a version of the Unreal Engine that allows the creation of independent experiences that can be run within the Fortnite game.

Will’s talk will share the Shed of Ideas studio’s experiences using the tool after deciding to include it as a strategic element in its development plan. His talk will also address the possibilities of using the tool for monetization, prototyping and training.