Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Streaming session : discover our 5 streamers !

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5 streamers attending Meet&Build 2023

At 4 P.M., you'll have the chance to enjoy a Live streaming on stage at Quai10 and streamed on Twitch WALGATV, featuring 5 streamers. They will not only stream the games of the speakers of Meet&Build conferences but for some of them, also interview them. Let's discover who these streamers are...

Journalist who has worked in the written press, radio and TV, Hiuuugs finally found the medium that suits him best on Twitch. Every day from 10.30am until 5pm he covers video game news and uses this medium, which he is passionate about, to get people interested in broader subjects (geopolitics, macroeconomics, society, etc.). The channel’s motto is: do things seriously without taking yourself too seriously, and do it in a spirit of kindness. 

Crédit photo : Mélanie « Krysthal » Meinbach

Chloé is a French-speaking Belgian streamer on Twitch. She is 26 years old and shares her passion for video games with her followers, every morning of the week. She is also the founder of Stream’Her, the community of female streamers. 

Tahiti & Tricky are two brothers, Streamer, Caster & content creators sharing with you their passion for the video game universe. Whether it’s competitive games or single-player narrative games, when the word game comes up, they’re in.

Tahiti & Tricky

Morgane has been a French Streamer and Youtuber for around ten years now. She loves discovering games on a daily basis and sharing them with as many people as possible, while explaining the subtleties of the game in her guides. Its goal is to make games accessible to players of all skill levels and to help them discover titles, both well-known and lesser-known, in a variety of genres, although I particularly enjoy adventure games, RPGs and puzzle games.