Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Business & Marketing : The Jungle of European Game Financing

Stéphane Rappeneau

Stéphane Rappeneau

After 20 years in Investment Banking, Stéphane returned to his first love : the game industry, and the desire to support indies in everything business & finance related. As a day-job, he is CFO & Creative Producer for Hawkswell Studios. At night, he works on Indie Plaza project and fights the urge to play more Baldur's Gate 3.

In the world of European game financing, understanding the “old continent” unique characteristics is essential. Europe boasts a diverse gaming landscape, with distinct preferences across regions and platforms, and heterogeneous funding schemes. To secure funding, developers must align with the expectations of key funding actors, showcasing innovation and a clear path to profitability.

Currently, the European game financing scene is dynamic, but currently on a market correction, making access to capital way harder than during covid years. Staying informed about these trends is vital for navigating this competitive space.

Looking forward to 2023, adaptability and innovation will be the keys to survival. Emerging markets, sustainability, and ethical game development practices will play prominent roles. Building and engaging communities, harnessing data analytics, and fostering collaborations within the European gaming community will be crucial strategies for success.

Stéphane will take you through the  Main market characteristics, the expectations of main funding actors as well as the  State of European game financing. He will also present the state of the market in 2023 and some tips to survive.