Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

Saturday’s Conferences

MEET & BUILD closes on a strong note with its third day of conferences. On Saturday 28 October 2023, nearly 250 people - students and professionals alike - attended the twenty or so conferences, divided into 4 different themes: Art & Creativity, Business & Marketing, Tech & Production and Culture & Society. In addition, a live streaming session on Twitch gave visibility to the guests and their games.

The conferences were divided into 4 different categories in the 4 rooms of Quai10. Discover all the speakers who attended:

Art & Creativity

  • Will Emmerich | CEO of Shed of Ideas: “UNREAL Engine for Fortnite (UEFN) as an alternative tool for independent studios”.
  • Cédric Babouche | CCO of Umanimation and Creator of “Dordogne”: “Dordogne and how to bring traditional art into video games”.
  • Sébastien Croteau | President of The Monster Factory : “Creature vocalizations: The art of creating sonic nightmares with a human voice”.
  • Raphaël Villegas | Artistic Director at Abrakam Studio : “Improve your artistic productivity with AI”.
  • Philippe Dessoly | Artistic Director at Mr Nutz Studio : “From video games to everything else…”.

Tech & Production

  • Andrea Di Stefano | Game Director at Appeal Studios : “The tumultuous road to Sherwood: three lives, two titles, and one heck of a gang!”
  • Ruslana Kruchek | Co-Founder, Brand Manager & Art Director at VP Production :”Make it loud: use game-changing potential of branded audio”
  • Kurt McClung | Narrative Designer & CCO at Taliespin : “Narrative Design: 360 Methodology”
  • Aymeric Castaing | CEO of Umanimation, Creator of “Dordogne” : “Umanimation, a transmedia IP company”
  • Table ronde XR | with I-Illusions & Myron Games

Business & Marketing

  • Stéphane Rappeneau | CFO & Creative producer of Jamaste & Hawkswell Studios :” The Jungle of European Game Financing”
  • Federica Nocerino | Marketing Consultant & Ambassador WIG : “Learn how to build a strong community, engage with fans on social media, and market your game successfully”
  • Michael Liebe | CEOof Booster Space & representative of Kickstarter : “Proofing your game concept with Love – The Kickstarter Formula”
  • Melissandre Monatus | Marketing, Communication & RP Consultant : “The African Video Game industry, hidden treasures to be discovered”
  • Adrian Laubisch | New Business & Planning Director at AIYRA: “Advergame: how video games can deliver an advertising message while offering real gameplay to the target audience”
  • Masahiko Murakami | CEO of Skeleton Crew Studio & BitSummit organizer : “After BitSummit – How did Japan’s independent game culture grow ?”

Culture & Society

  • Sindi Breshani | Co-Founder of Episod Studio : “Navigating complex stories through games”
  • Jörg Tittel | CEO of RapidEyeMovers Studio : “Space Invaders: evolving game design from killing to filling time”
  • Guergana Guintcheva | Marketing Professor at l’EDHEC Business School : “Napoleon vs Marie-Antoinette: Gender Stereotypes in Video Games Consumption and Their Reproduction in Game Narratives”
  • Chloé Boels | Streamer, Founder de Stream’Her and TV Columnist : “The importance of streaming in the Video Games Industry”

For the first time, we organised a 3-hour live stream session. Via the WALGATV channel on Twitch, video games and guest interviews were conducted by our Belgian steamers and streamers Chloé Boels, Tahiti & Tricky and the French Morrigh4n. A moment of pure conviviality!

The Quai10 Video Game Area was also open throughout the 3 days, with a selection of games from the speakers. There were almost 150 participants on Saturday alone!

Check out all the photos from the conferences day on the MEET & BUILD Facebook page!