Meet and Build 2023

Meet And Build

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Kurt McClung Narrative Design

Kurt McClung

Kurt McClung is a writer and world designer best known for his work in video games where he has written and developed over 50 games for three dozen different studios. Lead writer on the AAA titles Might & Magic, Ghost Recon, Beyond Good and Evil and Skull & Bones as well as world developer and writer on the Indie hits, Greedfall, Curse of the Dead Gods, the Surge, and Masters of Anima, Kurt has also worked as a script doctor and world doctor for several publishers, including Focus Entertainment and Ubisoft.

Kurt founded the Writing Studio Taliespin in 2012 which opened a European branch in Belgium in 2023, sporting over 100 credits in their portfolio for over fifty studios. He also founded Goldilocks, the 360 IP Transmedia Studio in France to help studios develop their own worlds, working on worlds owned by Animoca, Tencent, Dargaud and Humanoids. Kurt co-founded the Paris video game development studio, Hawkswell, currently working on an unannounced CRPG.

Why make a game if you have nothing to say?

Kurt MCCLUNG will introduce his methodology for transforming the game your studio is making into a cultural work of art with a voice that speaks to your players. 

He will talk about why games are cultural works of art, game makers are storytellers sharing experiences, video games are the sum of all media that preceded us.

His talk will present how game makers are both artisans and artists, how your game speaks through all facets of its being: Narrative Design, Art and UI Design, Game Design, Audio Design and everything else. Kurt will present what he considers the challenge of 21st Century Game Makers, which is not to realize that we have the right to create art, but to accept that we have the responsibility to say something we believe in.